Hobo Spider Bite Treatment

These are the first things you have to do for Hobo Spider Bite Treatment:

The Hobo Spider Bite is not always a very serious bite. It all depends on the person who is bitten. Sometimes, depending on how sensitive the person is to the venom, the hobo spider bite can be very painful and sometimes even life-threatening.

Here are some basic steps for Hobo Spider Bite Treatment:

1. Kill the spider, but keep it if you can. You may need to show it to the medics so they can know with what they deal with. If the bite is serious you may need antivenom. For this the nature and name of the spider is required.

2. Always call 911. Do not wait until it gets serious. The medics can deal with it a lot easier when the venom had not yet seriously affected  the area. If you didn’t, then do this ASAP.

3. Until the medics arrive or if they gave their ok to stay at home, clean very careful the affected area and keep it clean at all times. Change the bandages every few hours.

4. Keep your affected leg or arm higher than the rest of the body. Sit in bed as much as possible. Walking causes the blood in your body to be more active and therefore spread the infection and venom fester. This is not good. Let your immune system fight the venom by sitting in bed.

5. Keep your hobo spider bite affected area cold as much as possible. Use ice in a bag or something and put in on the bandages. Again, warm help infection spread, so keep it cold with ice. This keeps swelling down also.

6. Take your medicine. The medics may have prescribed you antibiotics. If it is so, then always take them. As the medic said. Even if you did not called 911 and are waiting home for it to heal, always call a medic, any medic you may know and tell him about your problem so he can tell you what medicine to take. If you dont know any medic, go to the local pfarmacy, show them your bite if possible, if not, tell them about it, and they will give you some appropiate medicine. Keep in mind that you need to take some kind of medicine for it to heal faster. Never take medicine without talking with a medic or pfarmacist.

7. Take your temperature every day. Always check to see if you have temperature. If your body temperature is high then its means that the infection is very serious and your body fights with it. Even if this is a good thing, it also means that the infection it not passed and maybe it will go worse. When you have temperature, Is time to call 911. Immediatly!

8. Rest. For your body to win the fight against the Hobo Spider bite then it needs all the help it can get. Rest as much as possible.

9. If after 24 hours you feel worse or still the same that means you can have an allergic reaction to the bite. This can be life-threatening. Severe allergic reactions can cause death. So if after 24 hours you still feel the same or worse, call 911, your life or your leg/arm can be at stake.